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    The Color Extractor is a small tool to convert images (not JPGs! images in general) from color to black and white, or any other pure mode (grayscale or sepia for example). Several filters are also offered to add or subtract color. According to the mode set, the images are automatically or manually resized. You can use it from the command line.
    The program is able to extract colors from the alpha channel

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  3. It’s always the little things that catch our attention. Especially when they come from a completely different source.
    Developer Bossland is known for its ad-supported — and therefore free — SlideUp video editor, but it has really stumbled with its latest creation.
    An app that’s called Quick Pad has really upped the ante in terms of how to control a smartphone. Its premise: take a “note” (yes, a note) and Pin it to your

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  5. Furthermore, if you consider it to be simple but a professional solution, then any format conversion will be a breeze for you.

    Super Dumper is a powerful batch file/VBS dumper program. It can dump the contents of a folder as single flash files, add flash information or update existing flash info, or dump the whole folder contents as multiple flash files. Finally it can convert multiple flash file of a folder to SWF. The program can easily handle folders and sub-folders

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  6. Furthermore, if you consider it to be simple but a professional solution, then any format conversion will be a breeze for you.

    Super Dumper is a powerful batch file/VBS dumper program. It can dump the contents of a folder as single flash files, add flash information or update existing flash info, or dump the whole folder contents as multiple flash files. Finally it can convert multiple flash file of a folder to SWF. The program can easily handle folders and sub-folders

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  7. Especially if you’re still trying to find a solution for AVI Split videos and other complex problems.
    NEW IN 2.65
    + Added console to toggle view mode (used for split AVI files)
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    Exemplary embodiments relate to display control apparatuses, display control methods, and display systems including each.
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    On the go or at the office?
    Start-OVER by AutumnTECH is a powerful and highly flexible email security solution and can be set up in a matter of minutes.
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  10. Features:- import play from Illustre Sports, as well as from regular Sports files.- export play in MP4 video file format.- table view available for coach’s and players so they can view, edit and export plays on the fly without exiting the application.- players can be in class or practice field.
    Video quality: 3G, Wifi
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    Scan Parade – Scanning Toolz professional and simple camera mode screen saver that cools your computer and

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  11. The Network Analyzer Update application will update the file /etc/hosts located on your computer for you.
    The program works in conjunction with an Apache site that is placed on your host and it needs you to first download and launch this program. Once you have the program running, then you need only make a connection to port 113 of that server.
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  12. In landscape, the screen is divided into 5 regions, each containing a set of draggable and resizable controls. The user is able to place these controls anywhere on the screen, by dragging and dropping them. The region can be made larger by using the

    About PTC

    Driven by an ecosystem of products, partners, and people, Power Trim Technologies can help you to deliver smart, intelligent, and easy to integrate electronic devices. PTC’s team

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    Lillyveldt is a neighbourhood in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. It is part of the Amsterdam district of Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The number of inhabitants is about 48.000, which is a little below the number of inhabitants of the Dutch cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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  17. -Logs the processor activity and displays the resulting output in HTML format in various formats.
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  20. EasyDesk Helpdesk is ideal for small to medium sized support departments that need call logging and also call centre routing without the complexity of dedicated call centre software.

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    What’s new in this version:

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  22. Interdisciplinary training in geriatric rehabilitation for undergraduate physiotherapy graduates: A descriptive account.
    Previous research indicates that history of prior training during undergraduate program has an influence in level of knowledge and competency of graduate students. The objective of this study was to examine the value of interdisciplinary programs between physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy in older adults rehabilitation. A total of 95 undergraduate interns (class year 2016-2017) from four Romanian Universities were included in this cross-sectional study.
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  24. The problem of soft relays

    Relays are those devices that replace pure routers and firewalls. They often talk the same protocols as routers, only faster. Relays are added over free WiFi routers, IoT edge servers, operators network. They perform caching, NAT, QoS. Some of them also act as Web infrastructure behind your LAN (such as an SBC). Relays are mostly deployed to improve speed for specific applications. Let’s first focus on speed as that is
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    This version of script for Lync Server 2010 is not compatible with Skype for Business System (Skype for Business Online). But Windows Phone 8 has it in its sandbox and you can make a swap herewith.
    Instructions on how to make a swap:
    1. Sign into accounts in Lync Server Control Panel
    2. Click on Voice- and Video-Conferencing Controls
    3. Click on Edit My Account and select Windows Phone Embedded Options
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  26. For backuping the Yahoo Messenger settings, open Backup4all, click on the “Plugins” tab, select the main plugin, click on “Settings”, select the option for “Yahoo Messenger Backup Plugin” and the option to “Get backup file”. You will be asked where and how Backup4all should save the backup file, then you will be asked to provide your e-mail-address and run the installer for the Backup4all Plug-in.

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  27. You can use it in the following mode:
    Disk to disk
    Disk to tape
    File server
    File server with access control
    Over WLAN.

    Work with your self defined profile settings in the preferences dialog to set DiskWirelee’s behavior.

    The file copy happens directly from the device to the other device. As the device doesn’t synchronize itself with the computer, you can’t directly modify the files. But you can resume the copy task by using a different device or
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    CASC works as follows:

    1. It takes a given concentration of a substance (both in % and mol/L), and then calculates a common solution weight.
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    Photo editor for HP Photos
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    The process of reporting me as a spammer was stupid and frustrating
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  33. The application will ask you to perform only one operation: check if you want to use it for the next startup. Then QuickTime Killer will securely apply the registry changes and you can go about your business.
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    What does communication status mean in WL.Client.invokeProcedure?

    Is it the
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    License Agreement

    NOTICE: The Software is PERMITTED (i) for personal use only, (ii) for use on one computer only, (iii) for private use only by the registered owner of the Software, and use for profit may be subject to a royalty or license fee, (iv) for use in a single location if used exclusively for software, documentation or other information using the Software for which you do not intend to obtain a separate
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    When applying the Rule Induction method, the learning scheme allows you to create, mine, and evaluate rules. The program contains 46 learning schemes that enable the user to create rules with different complexity. For a more detailed description of the learning schemes and the available parameters, please refer to the user guide.
    The package also includes J48, a java implementation of the popular J48 decision trees learning algorithm.
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    EmbeddedKiosks – The

    Mobile Room101 App
    For enterprise organisations, EmbeddedKiosks allows customers to connect with thousands of programmable,
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  40. Creating Shortcuts to SAFE Shutdown and SAFE Run Command on OS X Lion

    In this video we will show you how to create a shortcut to shutdown or run some commands when you press the Windows logo+Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination. You can do this manually in the Keyboard shortcuts preferences pane, or using a program called Shortcuts. Here’s a tutorial and working cheat sheet on how to create a shortcut with the Windows logo+Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination.
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    4. Clear Calculator Salary Calculator

    App Questions

    This chart shows the questions people have asked community members and the replies received.
    You can skip to the next question or search previous questions

    Table of contents

    What are some good applications to manage finances?What utility would you recommend for me to make a budget?What is an easy finance/budgeting tool that I
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  43. **Key Features:**
    * Support Xcode, iOS, Android and Windows 32/64bit
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    simple and intuitive integration inside
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    “It’s a song I wrote in High School,” Remy confessed, laughing.
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  45. The plugin process is relatively straightforward, and is very similar to the SketchUp Plugin Wizard:
    • In the page with the ‘Export…’ ribbon menu, first select the plugin type you wish to export from your SketchUp model
    • Click the ‘Add’ button and name the plugin that will be compatible with DWG format. The next page will list all the plugins available for the selected type.
    • Select the plugin you wish to export
    • Choose the type of the file you wish to export (SketchUp 3D, DWG, DWF, DFX and others)
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  46. But can it really replace reading on your Kindle?
    It has a 7.5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store, most users seem to like the idea, and it’s fully customizable in terms of what it lists as its most “liked” articles. Considering the variety of sources Push to Kindle can handle, the answer to your question is: the more the merrier!
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  47. Microsoft Excel
    Instructions to use this:
    Note: When you record the macro to save the macro file, you need to uncheck the “Do not allow Visual Basic for Applications to create macros for this file” option.

    Before you start

    First, we need to understand how Excel handles the clipboard.

    In the first layout, as long as we keep pressing the Alt+Delete or Ctrl+C keys to copy text from the IDE, the clipboard will function
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    How many times have you connected your new USB device to your Computer only to find out it did not recognize your new device. Most of times this happens because USB drivers are not installed. So to fix this problem you can follow few steps, so let’s start it.

    Steps to Install USB drivers:

    1. Connect the USB device to Computer

    2. First go
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  49. As you know, YouTube was one of the first to implement my issue. YouTube used to allow people to record videos on their PC, and later upload those videos to YouTube. As you may be aware, due to the limitations of HTML and Flash, there’s no compatibility between HTML and the way browsers/operating systems handle graphics on your PC. Unfortunately, this means that rather than your video running on the PC browser, YouTube skips directly to the Flash-based uploader.As
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  50. These days organizations can be used to denote the relations between topics, departments or some other type of relationship. In the chart it is no different. When needed you can place the main nodes on top of each other or at the bottom of the picture.

    As its name indicates, it is possible to add videos to the organization chart. Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the library can handle any type of media that you may request, such as MPEG or MOV
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    There are a lot of tools that can be downloaded within a few minutes, depending on the available bandwidth. For example, a broadband connection can carry around 80-100 apps, whereas a typical 3G connection can only carry around 40 apps.
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  52. On the downside, it’s a bit limited in functionality when it comes to the functions, yet programming and formatting of text are fine.
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    Coming off a long layoff following a suspension of play because of Hurricane Isaac, high winds that downed trees and power lines and the threat of a “pitchfork-sized” tornado just outside of downtown, voters cast their ballots in a chaotic voting environment Saturday.
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    Some of the best moments in history of popular music are represented here with these stunning icons.A lot of young people know all of these Beatles’ songs by heart, but not they didn’t know these British icons until recently. Hopefully, this rarities’ package will reveal these pop icons and new wave icons to others.Q:

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  58. CiscoTraffic is the first traffic management router application from Cisco Systems for Cisco IOS that offers an easy and effective way to perform network traffic shaping.
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    Shareware, $39.95 to $59.95 depending on version and OS

    Publisher’s Description:

    CloneDVD is a small and powerful tool for making DVD copies with great image quality. The interface of the program is easy to navigate through, whether you are a first-time or advanced user. You can either select to copy DVD titles, clone a DVD (including all titles and menus) or burn data to disc. After you select the
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  63. – Full integration in the Visual Studio development environment – Full encoding documentation
    Most other libraries (including OWASP JSES) use the principle of inclusion. The major drawback is that if one bad or malicious text input is accidentally included, the entire page is potentially opened to attack. The Anti-XSS library instead takes the approach of developers providing their own *valid* set of characters and encoding any junk outside of the set, so only the characters that are planned for.
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    To leave the call, press the ”
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  68. Upon wrapping up this product, you will find that it lays the foundations for even more features to appear in future updates, so Nokia SDK for Java is a product you will want to download and get involved right away. This product is packed with features that are best experienced on real hardware, however the Java-flavored SDK emulates the touch and sensor features so fine that they can, to some extent, be used also on non-touchphones. Both phone and emulator support carrier selection through M
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  69. FaceOnBody is suitable for modifying and creating new scenes, for archival and sharing of all sorts.

    This program allows you to fish for virtual fish when no real ones are around. It’s not easy just to pretend to catch something. Also, your fish can become a real coin by hanging in your virtual underwater pocket.

    Oil-Well is an oil (or gas) simulation game for the PC. It allows to build a well and conduct basic production tests. Users can choose
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  70. SignPack can be seen as a small but powerful tool for several purposes. From a branding and reputation enhancement perspective, few are more popular than signatures. A signature would be a better option than watermarks if this field is forbidden on certain images. At a design level, it’s a great tool that allows images to be identified as coming from a specific device, to be protected and verified. In truth, SignPack is rarely used as a simple watermark tool, and most users choose
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  71. Through a conventional object-oriented based programming language, such as Java, C++ or Smalltalk, the in-depth Logtalk documentation will enable users to obtain more in-depth information about functional aspects of the programming language, with the subsequent result being a better overall software quality.
    The current version of the programming language is 2.0, released in 2011, and this is when some of the even more significant Logtalk innovations have been introduced.
    If, then, Logtalk includes an
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  72. The major functional differences between Diskcopy and Spark- Copy are under the ‘Command Line/Script Options’ tab:

    The scripting option enables you to run diskcopy using a script file to great effect, either inside an existing script or even on a standalone machine. All the diskcopy command line switches usable for a FileCopy operation are also valid for a diskcopy script.

    Most notably, diskcopy now includes a scripts tab which displays a list of testable, xcopy
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